About the Event


What is a nonevent gala?

How much time, energy and money do you spend going to a nonprofit gala? Don’t you wish you could just give what you spent on tickets, a babysitter, outfit, auction item, etc. directly to the nonprofit? Well, now you can! 

Choose a day/time that works best with your schedule during the week of April 29-May 5, stay home, and donate an amount to Better Housing Coalition that you would have spent attending an event. Spend time with family,  throw a dinner party, or do nothing - it’s up to you!


Why should I support Stay Home RVA?

“Home” is a haven - a place where you should be able to relax, feel safe and make happy memories with friends and family. But for so many of our neighbors in RVA, it’s difficult to find an affordable place to live, and paying high rents every month causes anxiety and fear for the future.

Let’s take a moment this week to appreciate the place we call home, and give generously so that everyone can experience their own ‘Home Sweet Home.’

Any perks for participating?

Yes! After purchasing “tickets,” you’ll receive a confirmation email with a code to access to our online swag bag that includes:

  • A downloadable menu with dinner recipes prepared by chef David Crabtree-Logan of The Broken Tulip, and cocktail recipes by Kevin Liu, Mattias Hägglund, and Brandon Peck of The Jasper.

  • Spotify playlists curated by local DJs including 103.7 Play’s Melissa Chase (Pop); and 97.3 WRIR’s Sean Lovelace (Jazz) and Bill Lupoletti (World Music).

  • A 50% discount on River City Food Tours tickets during which you will sample signature dishes from 5-6 restaurants, meet chefs and business owners, and learn about Richmond’s unique and historical neighborhoods!

Also, 100% of your ticket purchase is tax deductible.

PLACEHOLDER-Stay Home RVA Swag Bag.jpg

What else can I do to support the event?

Share! Share! Share! (OR SEND THEM TO US)

  1. Check out our event toolkit and download flyers, social media images/sample posts, or request a yard sign to promote the event.

  2. Post photos/videos of your evening at home, tag ‘Better Housing Coalition’ and use the hashtag #stayhomerva. Or, send them to us, and we’ll post for you!